In relation to COVID-19 - Jijo's Hotel is open for bookings. Please check with our team.

About Us

Jijo’s Hotel started welcoming clients in 2014, following the acquisition and transformation of what was previously known as Hotel Selena, by the DoJiMo company.

Located in the Northern part of Mamaia, Jijo’s Hotel has a special position. Located directly on the beach, hotel guests can enjoy the beach amenities (the beach bar, beach chairs and umbrellas and swimming) in less than a minute walk on beach sand from the hotel.

A bit of history – most of the construction was done before the ‘90s. Originally, two parallel build-ings, Hotel Rodna and Hotel Selena, were connected in 2006 to become a single hotel operated as Hotel Selena.

At the completion of the acquisition in 2014, investments began for the renovation and moderniza-tion of the hotel. The newly renovated structure currently has 51 accommodation spaces, storage spaces, a modern kitchen facility, a dining room, offices and other technical spaces. From the very beginning, the rule of the house was to invest annually a considerable share of the profit, for addi-tional hotel modernization, improvement and development of our infrastructure, capacities and ser-vices.

Jijo’s Hotel is designed and developed as a small, family run business. Its mission is to offer its cus-tomers a comfortable lodging space and quality service for sun and sea lovers, who want to spend holidays as a couple or a family.

As a family, we try our best to offer you a pleasant stay and we look forward to seeing you again each season!